Suspended ceilings:

We can install a range of suspended ceiling types; such as lay-in exposed grid, plasterboard MF ceilings, metal bandraster systems and clip in concealed grid systems.

These systems cover up unsightly services and can be used for a variety of reasons including acoustic, thermal, light reflection and fire rating.


From solid metal stud walls to semi of fully glazed, acoustic to fire rated. We can install the right partition to suit your needs, from basic to high performance


Anything that you may require from drylining we can do for you. From a simple wall lining to details such as bespoke bulkheads, light troughs and floating rafts.

Fire protection:

We offer a range of fire protection services, from steel column and beam encasements to fire barriers in the ceiling void.

We use products from variety of manufacturers and suppliers such as Armstrong, Rockfon, SAS, Komfort, British Gypsum, Knauf, SIG Interiors and CCF.